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A tire shop in Davao city experience that opens great potential for motorists

We combine expert advice, quality products, and the best prices of tires for sale in Davao to create the best tire buying experience possible. We make it easy to find the right tires in Davao for your vehicle, so all you have to worry about is where the road will take you next!

We offer a complete selection of premium replacement tires for nearly every make and model including light trucks, SUVs, high performance cars, as well as commercial trucks.

We classify each tire by type of vehicle and the application suitable for use. Simply let us know what tires and wheels you are looking for. Not sure what you tire you are looking for? Our tire sales staff will be happy to recommend the tires that best suit your vehicle taking the lead to get an affordable tire for sale in Davao.

Make the process even faster by starting with an online quote, and then schedule an appointment at RDA Wheel Tire Supply to make sure you’re choosing the best tire in Davao.

When it comes to prices, consider us the RDA Wheel Tire Supply of tires!

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  • Affordable price, quality and no problems, you can’t beat that combination.
  • Their customer service representatives have proven to be very trustworthy and customer oriented. I would recommend them to anybody looking for good tires in Davao city.
  • We love RDA Wheel Tire Supply! They have the best service.
    John Doe
  • Thanks again for all the information at the RDA Wheel Tire Supply and for being such a truthful and honest business which is hard to find these days.